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The constantly growing population of the Earth and the usage of agricultural products for the purposes of  power generation cause considerable lack of agricultural products, as stated at the topical world congress in 2008.  Productivity increase by development of new crops and cultivation methods in the modern agrarian states are no longer able to cover this deficit. This can cause hunger-periods in the developing countries, being a great threat to the universal peace.  In either case it  will be followed by extensive price increase for agricultural products. And who has access to recourses, wins.

Most of the farming lands worldwide are already intensively used. The outdated and ineffective methods, used in the follow-up states of the former Soviet Union, are still the same up to now. Investment of capital and modern technologies/technique guarantee the chance to “play” efficiently on the growing market of agricultural products.

It is especially Ukraine, known as “Garner of Europe”, which offers interesting investment opportunities. The nowadays predominating rent structures will – most probably – soon be replaced by the possibility of the acquisition of ownership-rights.

As far as the prevailing rent contracts are almost indissoluble, providing you own the renting Ltd., your investment is positively secured. At the moment there is quite a run on acquisition of agrarian Ltd`s, as far as all the investors are striving to get a good start position, when ownership rights change. Should the ownership rights change within the next one or two years, a massive price increase must be considered, and not too much unoccupied farmland is likely to appear on the market.  Currently about 50 000 – 100 000 ha farmland are sold every week.

Ukraine is awaiting a legislative reform, replacing the rent of farmland by the right of ownership, which meets the European standards and turn rent contracts into ownership certificates.

If you are interested in Ukrainian land property, we will be happy to familiarize you with the legal structure.